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Here is a chat room where all of you Nic fans can chat live! Have fun!, Put your name/alias in the box below to begin! But do me a favor, please try to keep it nice. And Clean. Thanks! If the Chat Room does not appear Immediately after you put your username in please wait, it will come up in a few seconds. Also if a message appears that says the username you selected is password protected, just alter it a little, because more than likely someone else has already selected the username you have chosen. 

Official Chat Room Meeting Times  

(Mon-Fri 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm EST) Any other time you meet is up to you, but this is just a time that I set for the chat room to meet. 


 Just a quick note reminding people to kindly disconnect from the server when you are finished chatting. Each day, people are refused access because the server has reached its capacity. Please close the applet, when you are finished chatting, so that another person may access the rooms.

 Don't give out your name, phone number, address, or email in the chatrooms. We suggest that you open an account at hotmail and use that address when you make new friends at

 Use of bots, non clients, opening several clients and profile advertisements are prohibited. People who do this may be banned from the server.

(This chat room is in NO way affiliated with